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I have been to Flour + Water before but my last visit was especially wonderful. I shared a fantastic meal! It was fresh, flavorful and the presentation was unfussy yet still sophisticated. The Italian restaurant located in the Mission neighborhood in San Francisco is known for it’s artisanal approach to pizza and pasta, but they offer a wide variety of delicious dishes.

This time, I enjoyed the black pepper tagliarini with succulent braised duck, pine nuts and chard. In addition to the pasta, I tried the seared sea bass with corn puree, summer squash and pickled green tomatoes. The dish was devoured by my date only moments after it had been served. Hence, I was unable to capture it visually. However, I was able to photograph the bread + oil, the tagliarini pasta with duck, and two exquisite desserts.

The dark chocolate budino topped with sea salt and espresso caramel cream was decadent with just enough salt to counter the sweetness of the chocolate. The pistachio gelato with strawberries, brown butter torta and elderflower was sweet, creamy, and light. The juxtaposition of flavors was refreshing yet still indulgent. This dessert was my absolute favorite! In the photograph immediately above, there are tiny elderflowers artfully strewn about the plate. It is this fine attention to detail that makes Flour + Water an exceptional restaurant to enjoy.