Ibiza, Spain as a travel destination; Evening tapas at Iberia Restaurant; Weekend brunch at Saint Michael’s Alley; freshly baked chocolate chip toffee cookies from Jane (these are soft and delicious); decadent cafe mochas from Blue Bottle Coffee (I prefer the coffee stand at the bustling Ferry Plaza Farmers Market); Debauve & Gallais Earl Grey Paris Tea to sip slowly (enjoy the aroma of wildflowers, spices, and bergamot); Yves Saint Laurent La Laque Couture – 4 in Corail Colisee (a juicy coral shade for your fingertips); Preserve Skincare orange blossom face cleansing pads (perfectly portable and easy to use at the end of the day or post workout when you need to quickly cleanse your face); Gryphon mimi dress (pretty watercolor print & flirty cut); Antique Gold Overlay Teardrop Fringe Earrings from Metier in San Francisco (exquisite delicate leaf details); One of my favorite summer prints from Derek Lam Asymmetrical blouse with side tie (get inspired by the saturated leafy green and the effortless silhouette); Alex Monroe 22-karat gold plated feather ring (graceful design in a bright shimmering gold).