Tootsies Stanford Barn 1 Tootsies Stanford Barn 2 Tootsies Stanford Barn 3

Introducing Tootsie’s at the Stanford Barn. This is a wonderful Italian café known for their Brunch menu (especially their Bomboloni). I first tried bomboloni when I lived in Florence, Italy. They are pieces of fried dough that are rolled in sugar and filled with pastry crème. Tootsie’s house made bomboloni are filled with a lemon zest crème and they are incredible. Due to their popularity, I like to call and reserve mine as they typically run out of them by 9:00am. Also, it is imperative that you enjoy yours with either a tasty cappuccino or a latte macchiato (photo #1). Tootsie’s serves Danesi which is imported from Rome. I usually need a bit of milk and sugar in my coffee, but this roast is so nicely balanced that I found I didn’t need to add any sweetener. As the Italians would say “Perfetto”!