Cavallo Point

So, I am finally biting the bullet and redesigning Billet Rouge. I have always had greater things in mind for the layout, etc., but I am not very tech savvy. When I began last June I really wanted to just get started. Additionally, I felt that it was important to wait until I could work with a design agency that shares my aesthetic vision. (I found an incredible team and I’ll tell you more about that later). The site has been missing some of the usual blog basics and there are some kinks to work out. This redesign should take care of that while making the site beautiful and more user-friendly. I am both nervous and very excited! Over the next few months Billet Rouge might be a little quiet while it is getting its makeover. In the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. If you would like, please send me a message or leave a comment. I would love to hear from you!

With the big news aside, I cannot believe the holidays are upon us. It is nearly Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for my family and our many blessings. I am also grateful for my supportive friends and loyal readers. Thank you for your interest and for making this website possible. I wish all of you the happiest of holidays with your loved ones!

xx Whitney

*I took the photograph above at Cavallo Point, California. The sun was just beginning to peek out after a heavy rain. Cavallo Point is just north of San Francisco and it has special meaning to me. I love to visit!