Cire Trudon Candles

Cire Trudon candles are not only exquisitely beautiful, they are rich with history as it is the oldest luxury wax manufacturer in the world. As the company states:

“In 1643 a salesman named Claude Trudon arrived in Paris and became the owner of a store in Rue Saint-Honoré. He was a grocer but also a wax merchant and supplied his customers with candles for lighting their homes and for the parish. On the eve of Louis XIV’s reign, Trudon created a small family manufacturing business that was to carry his name forward and make the fortune of his heirs.”

Cire Trudon became the Royal wax manufacturer serving Louis XIV, Louis XVI and his wife Marie-Thérèse (Marie Antoinette)*, and Napoleon Bonaparte. In 1811, Napoleon celebrated the birth of his son by giving him a Trudon candle adorned with three pieces of gold featuring his head. Cire Trudon survived invention of electricity and the Industrial Revolution due to its luxury brand reputation and high quality production. Candles were no longer needed as a primary source of light for people, but the soft glow of candlelight was essential for religious buildings, important occasions and for intimate spaces such as the bedroom.

When you visit them these days, Cire Trudon scented candles are arranged under glass bells to contain the individual scents while on display. There are 19 fragrances, each with its own story and inspiration. Every detail is considered including the graceful shape of the glass bells. They are hand blown in Italy to look like Parisian tumblers. The elegant gold labels are from the same company that designs for Dom Pérignon.

My favorite candles** from the collection are the La Marquise and the Abd El Kader. The brand describes the La Marquise as a “verbena and rose-filled boudoir.” The top notes are Verbena, Lemon, and Citronella. The heart note is Rose and the base notes are Cedar and Rosewood. Abd El Kader is beautifully composed of Spearmint, Lemon, Blackcurrant, Apple, Ginger, and Cloves as the top notes. Jasmine serves as the middle note and the base is Vanilla.

*Cire Trudon served the queen Marie Antoinette once again, providing candles for shooting Sophia Coppola’s movie in Versailles.

**All candles are made with 100% vegetable-based wax and the pure cotton wick is allergen free, biodegradable and has no pesticides.

Image credit: Piotr Redlinsk