L'Ete large candle + packaging-hi-res

This spring, L’Artisan Parfumeur* expands its Grasse line with the launch of two new scented candles: Le Printemps (spring) and L’Été (summer) as well as a new Eau de Parfum, Caligna.

Grass is the inspiration behind the collection. Le Printemps (spring) has notes of laurel, rosemary, lentisk, thyme and star anise; while L’Été (summer) contains neroli, lemon, honey and lots of jasmine. Both candles smell delicious, but my favorite is the L’Été! As L’Artisan Parfumeur states:

“L’Été takes you to the Grasse hinterland when nature is at its most resplendent. Flowers are in full bloom and flood the surrounding countryside with their wonderfully captivating scents. Imagine yourself surrounded by flowers on the terrace of a beautiful villa, overlooking the sea, with the sun on your skin. L’Été with L’Artisan Parfumeur is colourful, bright and full of joy.”

Both of the candles from the Grasse Collection are available beginning in late April and offered in two sizes: 200g with a burn time of over 60 hours ($85) and 1.5kg with a burn time of over 100 hours ($340).

*I first learned of L’Artisan Parfumeur on a trip to Paris with my mother in 2005. We became acquainted with the French fragrance house as we made our way to cross the Seine. We stopped into their Rue de l’Amiral de Coligny location and perused the selection of exquisite scents. Our favorites? The refreshing and intoxicating Thé Pour Un Été (released in 1996) and the iconic Mûre et Musc fragrance (created in 1978). I have bought several bottles of Thé Pour Un Été since our visit. For me this is essence of summer captured in a pretty bottle.