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Oh, wait… How could I forget?! We must talk about the Burberry Prorsum show! I know that Paris Fashion Week is now in full swing, but I wanted to revisit one of the bright highlights from London, shown over a week ago. Christopher Bailey’s Burberry Prorsum SS 2014 collection impressed me! Gone were the usual military influences, and in came Bailey’s romantic vision for Spring. The softer color palette (coral, sky blue, lilac, sage, khaki and pink), the high-waisted lace pencil skirts (sexy secretary style) and the bejeweled embellishments were a breath of fresh air for Burberry. There was also a brief graphic black and white moment (polka-dot blouses and striped skirts) that gave depth to the parade of sugary pastels.

The designer also incorporated a lot of transparency into his designs – most of the lace skirts were so sheer that the models wore retro bikinis underneath! This subtle sexiness kept the very pretty collection from becoming overly sweet. Bailey played with the brand’s signature trench, re-imagining it into close-fitting lace dresses (such as the lilac frock paired with emerald-green sandals above). If you look closely, you can see the epaulettes on her shoulders and the tab details at her cuffs.

I could definitely get used to Christopher Bailey’s idea of spring dressing. While the pencil skirts skimmed the body, the cashmere sweaters and most of the outerwear were generous and less structured, adding a sense of ease to the elegant uniform. The effect was fresh and chic!

Image credit: vogue.com