Verso Skincare Face Serum Verso Skincare

I would like to share with you another fantastic product that I have added to my skincare routine. I began using Verso’s Super Facial Serum* 2 months ago. I had a lot of confidence going in, but I wanted to see the results for myself. Previously, I wrote a review on Verso’s innovative Super Eye Serum. This facial serum has a stronger formulation than the eye cream, however, (I know what you are thinking) it does NOT over dry or irritate sensitive skin. This is nothing short of a miracle!!

I have seen a vast improvement in my skin since I began using this multitasking serum. Formulated with an exclusive Retinol 8 complex (Vitamin A with a polyphenol extract and Vitamin B3), this revolutionary daily treatment minimizes fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration while promoting skin’s natural collagen production. This light weight serum has a deliciously creamy texture and a very subtle scent. Not to mention, the signature chic black and white packaging! Who says that medical-grade skincare has to look like it came straight from the Doctor’s office? Enough with the depressing hospital blue and gray wrapping!

As with any skincare product, consistent application is key. I observed a huge difference in my complexion around week 4 (it can take up to 12 weeks). Give it a shot and let me know what you think! Revitalize your complexion with Verso Skincare’s Super Facial Serum.

*This product was designed with sensitive skin types in mind, but I always recommend that you test on the inside of your forearm before applying to your face.

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