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London Fashion Week is always one of my favorites because designers are not afraid to take chances and to push things forward. It’s invigorating to see the individualistic footprint that’s set by each designer. I have been a Burberry Prorsum fan ever since Christopher Bailey took the helm of this iconic luxury brand. This season he kept the notes of British heritage in tact while presenting a stunning collection featuring hand-painted decoration. Think Burberry going boho-chic; narrow-belted flowy dresses; relaxed-fit trenches and cropped shearling jackets all smothered in colorful brush strokes. Even the new Bloomsbury handbag featured bold painterly patterns as well as the Edwardian-shaped shoe-boots.

The palette began with softer water colors and intensified towards the end with rich autumnal hues such as saffron yellow, rust, burnt orange, olive-green, wine and navy. As the colors deepened, Bailey introduced transparency in the form of sheer lace dresses to his layered looks. For maximum impact, the models re-emerged swathed in personalized poncho / blankets for the Burberry Prorsum finale. This outstanding collection went straight to my heart! And I must not be the only one as Anna Wintour could be seen on the live-stream smiling and clapping as Bailey took a bow.

Image credit: vogue.com