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Nina Ricci’s incredibly talented creative director, Peter Copping, presented a beautifully cohesive collection for AW 2014. The Ricci customer will delight in finding looks to suit their everyday lives as well as their party outings. For the new season, he added a grown up elegance to the usual feminine fragility that the Paris brand is known for.

The intense palette of aubergine, claret and bright violet as well as the more substantial textures further reflected a more womanly appeal. Copping paired knit tops with furry jackets and above-the-knee skirts – some with hour glass seams. There were also pin tucked silk dresses and modest separates decorated with floral prints and iris blooms. The botanical motif continued into the evening wear. There were floral macramé gowns and skin-revealing lace embellished dresses (some with paillettes). One in particular, was appliquéd with iris flowers and slashed up to the hip for added glamour. A very sexy surprise for a Ricci runway.

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