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The Fashion month has been over for almost a week and it has given me time to reflect on some of my favorite French collections. One of these that I would like to share is the Céline AW 2014 show. Creative director, Phoebe Philo, delivered an exceptional presentation.

The collection began with a series of superb black coats in trim silhouettes that had been done up in white buttons. There was also a lot of knitwear which came in the form of tunic tops with asymmetrical necklines and pants so long that they flooded over the feet. However, Philo’s focus was firmly on elegant outerwear. Whether they were elongated jackets or voluminous wraps, the devil was definitely in the details. Some of the seams were left unfinished and purposely frayed (see the ivory coat with the black seam running down the center of the back). Many had buttons with eye-catching placement. Another beauty included an olive hued knit top with an origami style folded collar, highlighting the delicacy of a woman’s collarbone.

Accessories included colorful large gemstone bracelets and fur muffs. The makeup was minimal and models wore a single sparkly chandelier earring. Handbags were carried crushed under the arms and the shoes were flat for ease of movement. With the daring styling aside, Phoebe Philo once again found the desirable balance between luxury and practicality that the Céline woman has come to expect.

*This post is dedicated to a special someone who I recently met by chance. They share a deep appreciation of all things French especially French fashion. If you happen to be reading this please drop me a line – would love to continue the conversation.

Image credit: vogue.com