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There have been so many beautiful tributes to L’Wren Scott since her passing last Monday. I wanted to try to show my appreciation for someone who I admired greatly in the fashion industry. I remember her 2011 visit to Barneys New York in San Francisco and how she warmly greeted the guests at a luncheon held in her honor. She exuded elegance and poise while graciously interacting with her customers. Although she stood at a striking 6′ 3″ tall, L’Wren was disarmingly sweet. She looked unbelievably glamorous with her long, black hair draped over her shoulders, but she didn’t have an air of exclusivity about her.

During the event, I remember looking at her clothes. The exquisite attention to detail as well as fit (she began as a model and then became a Hollywood stylist after all). L’Wren’s fashion signatures included impeccably tailored jackets, chic sheath dresses, chiffon tie neck blouses and high-waisted pants. Celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Amy Adams and Christina Hendricks favored her super contoured aesthetic. L’Wren Scott gave the fashion world an incredible celebration of the female form through her timeless designs. She will truly be missed.

*Above are some images from her last collection that she showed on September 15, 2013. The long, white kimono gown dripping with floral embroidery is so breathtakingly beautiful. Although there is an obvious Japanese influence, the silhouette is pure L’Wren – fit for an angel.

Image credit: vogue.com