Betta Bitta Chocolate

Are you looking for a new sweet treat? I have just the thing! Introducing Betta Bitta Chocolate. This is a small-batch chocolate company from the San Francisco Bay Area. They make delicious pieces that combine velvety dark chocolate* with carefully blended natural fruit. Let me be the first to admit that I haven’t been a big fan of mixing fruit with chocolate, but these decadent sweets have changed my mind. The combination of a perfectly preserved morsel of fruit robed in not too sweet/not too bitter dark chocolate is a dream come true for your taste buds! There are four mouth-watering flavors to choose from: mango, cranberry, blueberry and tart cherry. For an elegant pairing, try these with a dessert wine or port.

*Betta Bitta Chocolate uses single origin 65% Maricabo dark chocolate. For more information on small-batch chocolate companies as well as the New American Chocolate movement please click HERE.

Image courtesy of Betta Bitta Chocolate