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The Post Ranch Inn is a spectacularly beautiful resort with stunning views, unique architecture and peaceful surroundings. The setting, 39 rooms perched upon a historic Big Sur bluff with ocean views that change by the minute depending on the sun and cloud formations, has to be among the best in the world. It is an intimate place with a lot of familiar faces, because the rich and famous love to get away here. It is also a romantic place, the clientele is almost exclusively couples.

The Post Ranch Inn is not only extremely relaxing, the service is outstanding. Post Ranch understands that first impressions are everything. I felt like royalty from the moment I arrived. I was offered champagne or wine at check in and brought to my room in a luxury Lexus.

I stayed two nights in the Lower Coast House (Torre) and the view of the ocean was heavenly. From the back patio, it was nothing but blue waves fading into blue sky. My room was beautifully decorated, very woodsy and spa-like in feel. I loved lighting the fireplace to get cozy in the chilly evenings. Also, I enjoyed raiding the mini bar as it’s all included. There was a wonderful selection of snacks as well as delicious drinks and the chocolate chip cookies were to die for!

To familiarize myself with the rest of the resort, I hiked around the property and discovered a beautiful garden, a pond, a heated lap pool and the Spirit Nest (see photograph above). I ran into a gaggle of wild turkeys clucking away and saw deer grazing in an open field. I also discovered two infinity hot tubs with impressive views of the ocean just a short walk away from my room. One of them was lined with a sprinkling of bright yellow daisies that dissolved into the green hillside as it lead down to the ocean. The immaculately kept grounds are just one example of the attention to detail that blew me away.

The Post Ranch Inn also has an award-winning full-service spa. It is centrally located on the ridge top, nestled in the redwoods among the tree houses. I enjoyed an afternoon massage in a treatment room over looking the forest. My masseuse Kelly gave me the best massage I ever had! She had excellent technique and knew exactly what my body needed.

Weather permitting, the Post Ranch Inn also offers star-gazing using the resort’s powerful telescope. As the website describes: “the in-house amateur astronomer shares a look at planets, stars, nebulas and more.” Unfortunately, the misty fog had rolled in and I was only able to see Jupiter and the moons surrounding the planet, but later in the evening, the stars came out in full force. Their brightness blanketed the sky as I gazed up at them from one of the infinity hot tubs. The view was magnificent.

The Post Ranch Inn has a wonderful restaurant, Sierra Mar. Enjoy dining on fresh and delicious cuisine while appreciating breathtaking views of the ocean. The best time to visit will be slightly before sunset. Reserve a seat on the outside patio to watch the sun go down and then move into the restaurant after.

Unforgettable scenery, architecture, service and food; all are hallmarks of the Post Ranch Inn. Everything about this place is exquisite without pretension. Caught up in everyday life I will reflect time and again on that serene existence in Big Sur.