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Cleaning out your closet is always a helpful way to take inventory of what you own and what you need. My personal wardrobe is sorely lacking in the smart casual skirt and dress department. I practically live in my skinny jeans, Rag & Bone booties and silk blouses. I am much more Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (relaxed urban chic) and less Kate Middleton (ladylike proper). However, it is time that I up my skirt game! The designer that I am looking to for inspiration is the lovely Isabel Marant. I have discussed her fashion hits many times on the blog as she is one of my favorite Parisian designers. This time, I would like to talk about her fresh take on skirts, while also looking at complementary designs from the Isabel Marant AW 2014 show.

When Isabel Marant does a skirt, they are usually very short (think mini), but she often balances the sexiness with tops that are in keeping with her disheveled, bohemian aesthetic. These are usually more modest silhouettes with sleeves (which I love). I am a leggy girl so when I’m wearing something short, I like to keep the rest of me a little more covered up. Some excellent examples of this style of dressing can be found in photos 3 & 4. The model’s long limbs are on display, but she doesn’t look fussy. She has that gorgeous, casually slung on french girl look that I’m a sucker for.

In addition to skirts, I’m on the hunt for day dresses that are feminine with a hint of tomboy. The military green dress with the accented shoulder and ruffle down the front is perfect! I also love the black dress in a similar shape with the shimmering metallic sleeves (photo #6)… What a beauty!

Season after season, Isabel Marant is known for covetable runway styles and it’s easy to see why. Her directional designs never scream “look at me” trendy and they fit seamlessly into any city girl’s wardrobe. She continues to inspire me as I develop my fashion sense to suit my ever-changing lifestyle.

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