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Historically speaking, the Pre-Fall collections have been essential to the business of fashion, but have not been highly regarded creatively. This has changed in recent years with French powerhouse, Chanel leading the charge. Karl Lagerfeld uses his Pre-Fall presentations to show the skillful craftsmanship of Chanel artisans and to great success. According to the president of Chanel fashion, Bruno Pavlovsky, the Métiers d’Art collection represents the fastest-growing part of the Chanel business today.

Lagerfeld’s latest Métiers d’Arts collection, called “Paris-Salzburg,” focused on a Chanel signature. It was in Austria that Gabrielle Chanel found the inspiration for the iconic four-pocketed braid-trimmed jacket that the label is famous for (having seen the look worn by the lift operator of Salzburg’s magnificent Schloss Mittersill hotel).*

I am always impressed by the myriad of ideas that go into every Chanel collection. For Chanel Métiers d’Art Pre-Fall 2015, Lagerfeld showcased a whimsical take on Alpine chic. The workmanship was both unique and extraordinary. Think of the Sound of Music gone Haute Couture! It was absolutely magical. From the white lace blouses topped with jeweled chokers; and the ultra-luxe knitwear to the Chanel jacket shown in an array of woodland hues and rich trimmings. The folkloric opulence continued into the exceptional evening wear, with feathers and butterflies fluttering on pale blue chiffon, while colorful Lesage appliqués bloomed on a black ribbon dress. Lagerfeld’s playful sense of humor was reflected in the Heidi braids that were wound into earmuffs. This clever accessory gave a youthful twist to otherwise prim silhouettes. Overall, Chanel’s Austrian jaunt was exquisite! Yet another masterful demonstration of creativity by Karl Lagerfeld.

*When Coco first visited the hotel Schloss Mittersill, it was owned by the bon vivant Baron Hubert von Pantz, with whom she had an affair in the early 1930s.

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