As a three year old, I approached an easel and made a grab for the brush in the red paint. Every Christmastime, my favorite gift was a new red dress, except for the year that it was more burgundy than a true tomato red. The color red remains my favorite. I associate red with so much that I enjoy; one of those things is travel. Paris is my favorite city, and sitting, sipping an espresso surrounded by French conversation is the best! Hence, Billet Rouge. The Red Ticket is the connection to inspiring ideas, rich experiences, and objects desired. Whether it is the perfect cappuccino or a hot pair of heels or an exquisite moment of an afternoon – you want to be the holder of a Billet Rouge.

I am a personal stylist / expert lingerie fitter turned photographer / blogger living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m a romantic in life as well as in my aesthetic tastes. My fashion look can best be described as urban chic with latent bohemian tendencies. Beauty holds me in its thrall, where ever it appears. In my life it is as essential as oxygen and it delights me to share it.

*All images on this blog are personal, unless credited otherwise.